Fuck The World Everyone Sucks Dick

West coast~Oct.'96

    I'm young, I have a lot of time to fuck up

You left a hole no substance could hope to fill

youaremyantid0te asked: give me one call on your break




I wanna believe there’s a reason to flee but I can’t unsee it
Let me crawl into your stomach
Let me sleep inside your soul
Let me bathe within your water
Let me burn upon your sun
Pretend to be the only one

(via brutal-youth)


So, fuck every friend that felt obligated to listen,
but didn’t give a shit. 

Fuck my teachers for wasting my time
and said I was acting out. 

Fuck the social worker that got paid
to feel sorry for me. 

Fuck the church for filling my head
with useless stories that never helped. 

Fuck the cops for showing up late. 
Fuck my parents for making me pay
for their mistakes.

(via brutal-youth)

My birthdays friday!

My lifes exactly where i want it to be, onto bigger and better things~

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